The Mishnah of Rabbi Y’hudah HaNasi is the foundation of the Torah Sheb’al Peh, and almost all Torah Sheb’al Peh literature written after the Mishnah was intended to explain, interpret and comment on the Mishnah. ‘Resh Lakish said: If you see a student whose learning is as hard as iron for him, it is because his Mishnah is not well ordered in his mind.’ (Ta’anit 7b) Our Rabbis have always praised the study of Mishnah, and urged students to go over the Mishnah time after time until they master it.

As part of Bonayich Educational Services’ plan to spread Torah and increase the love of learning among adherents of Torah, we are building a special technological tool to aid in the study of Mishnah.

This remarkable tool will include the text of the Mishnah presented in video and audio of a teacher who will sing the Mishnah with the traditional melody. The student will be able to control the audio of the presentation in order to test his own ability. The tool will also include other components to aid in the study and comprehension of Mishnah.

This project is under development. Anyone wishing to donate to advance this project, please contact us through this website!