Most high school students that did not learn V’Shinantam and V’Dibarta Bam in primary and middle school find themselves beset with apparently insurmountable difficulties in Talmud, despite their more mature cognition and the years of study behind them. For these students, we have developed a unique series of materials known as “Pathways in Torah Sheb’al Peh.” These booklets enable high-school students to acquire skills for independent study stage after stage, on an individualized program under teacher supervision. They are designed for learning individually or in chavruta, in a Bet Midrash environment, with brief introductions and summaries taught by the teacher. Each booklet presents one skill, introducing the function of the skill, giving examples of it, then guiding the student through graded unseen examples until the skill is mastered. An answer booklet accompanies each of the thirty booklets in the five series.

The five series are: Introductory Skills in Mikra, Skills for Mishnah, Skills for Torat HaTannaim, Skills for Torat Ha’Amoraim, and Skills for Shakla V’Tarya.