Many people learn Daf Yomi, fixing times for daily study of Torah. What a wonderful development this is! However, many of these devoted individuals are unable to learn on their own, and end up dependent on help-texts and special editions of the Gemara that translate, annotate and pre-digest every word.

What is this like? Imagine a person who loves fish, and someone comes and suggests to bring him fish every day, and so he did. After a time, his friend came and said to him: ‘Why are you dependent on someone else to bring you fish every day?’ He asked him: ‘And what should I do?’ He answered him: ‘I will bring you a rod, and every day you can go and catch your own!’

We say to the devoted learners of Daf Yomi:  Do you want to learn? Fantastic! Why be dependent on others?  Don’t you want to learn to be independent?  We are offering you the tools!

The Daf Yomi program of Bonayich Educational Services divides the Gemara into individual sugyot, and each sugyah is arranged in a way to clearly display the “mahalach” – or ‘streaming’ – of the sugyah. From using the Bonayich edition, the student quickly learns to identify the patterns of the sugyot, and soon is able to learn on their own!

Alongside the sugyah, we present Rashi, we identify the Sages mentioned in the sugyah, the topic of the sugyah, the summary of the sugyah, interpretation of the Aggadot in the sugyah, Rishonim, halachic decisions based on the sugyah, and other additional tools which aid in independent learning.

This project is now under development. Those who would like to donate to the project development are invited to contact us through this website.